A Merchant Ivory Film


"An ingenious puzzle of love and deception..." —The New York Times, Five Actors To Watch This Summer [full story]

"Heights is the movie I wanted Closer to be ... an eviscerating look at the state of modern relationships." —Miami Herald [full review]

"One of the best films of the season. A wonderfully-acted, inteligently written and directed drama." —NBC TV

"Sparkling and multifaceted ... Heights slows down and gets quiet in a way that lets us appreciate these characters." — Associated Press [full review]

"A smart, fresh look at an age-old dilemma — the perfect date flick for gay men and their ex-girlfriends. Assuming they're still speaking." —The Advocate, Exploring Marsden [full story]

"An entertaining ensembler marbled with wit and heartache ... [the] script's confident literary structure facilitates emotional involvement while sustaining an aura of secrecy until the final reel." —Variety [full review]

"A decidedly twisted romantic roundelay ... there are few wallflowers in screenwriter Amy Fox's pithy and highly amusing drama." —Hollywood reporter [full review]

"One of the two best films of the year so far ... the care that the producers lavished on this remarkable film — the costumes, the startling photography, the seamless adaptation of a one-act play to the screen — all are stunning." —Compuserve [full review]

"Honest and touching ... Amy Fox shows a talent for creating multidimensional characters with both clear and intriguing motivations." —FilmThreat.com [full review]

"A stylish feature debut with a revelatory payoff." —Elle

"Glenn Close soars again (think Oscar nomination), and the whole cast rises along with her in Merchant-Ivory's sharp dissection of contemporary relationships and sexual mores." —Playboy

"Nobody plays scary women like [Glenn] Close, but here she taps a wellspring of loneliness that softens the edge." —O, The Oprah Magazine, Five Must-See Performances That Prove There Are Good Roles For Women

"Brave, eloquent and riveting! One of the summer's most serendipitous surprises." —New York Observer

"Director Chris Terrio and screenwriter Amy Fox arrange a creepy little round robin of betrayals ... In a season when most of Hollywood is plumbing silliness, Heights is aiming — and reaching — a little higher." —NPR [full review]

"There's much subtle beauty in the last movie completed by Merchant Ivory Productions before Merchant's untimely death." —Christian Science Monitor [full review]

"Wholly alive while it's up there on the screen, in a way few movies are anymore ... engrossing in a way that Crash never manages." —Boston Globe [full review]

"The drama is based not on our surprise, but on the reaction of characters in the film ... Chris Terrio, working from a screenplay by Amy Fox, sees the characters clearly and watches them with accuracy as they occupy their delusions, or lose them." —Chicago Sun Times (Roger Ebert) [full review]

Two thumbs up. —Ebert & Roeper [full review]

"From the opening scene, it's clear that the Heights script is a lot more literate than most screenplays." —San Francisco Chronicle [full review]

"A stylish new comedy-drama." —Seattle Times [full review]

"An intelligent, impressive debut." —Boston Herald [full review]

"Fox has an ear for the authentic and an obvious instinct about the way people relate to each other." —Contra Costa Times [full review]